TurfView Business Intelligence (TVBI)

"TurfView BI provides a unique solution specifically designed for managing the complexities of multi-category/multi-supplier distribution businesses."
In today's highly competitive environment, distributors play an increasingly important role by representing products of multiple suppliers who seek cost efficient routes to market. Building trust with multiple suppliers depends on demonstrating the market insights and skills to fulfill business plans. This in turn requires focus on Sales and Category Management with real time performance information across every level of the organization.

TurfView BI provides a unique solution specifically designed for managing the complexities of multi-category/multi-supplier distribution businesses. Its simple and easy to configure Business Management tools ensure that you have vital management information exactly when you need it. TurfView BI gives you the power to improve your profits and manage your strategic supplier relationships.


Analysis and Reports
The analytical needs of an organization vary from highly structured reports to flexible ad-hoc analysis. TurfView BI addresses the full spectrum of analysis and reporting needs through:

Pre-Designed Reports
TurfView BI comes with a comprehensive range of canned reports that help turn data into insights. For example, it is possible to know:
  • Sales Trends by Divisions, Regions, Salespersons, Customers, Brands, and SKUs
  • Target vs. Achievement and identifying causes of under achievement
  • Product and Division Profitability
  • Effectiveness of Distributors and other Channel Partners
  • Inventory levels and excess/ shortage of inventory
  • Breakup of expenses
  • Email reports and export reports to various file formats: PDF, Excel, and Word
Management Dashboards
The KPI dashboard gives business users the flexibility of monitoring the health of the business from a single cockpit. The role based dashboards show information such as:
  • Top Products by Margin or Sales
  • Top Customers and Suppliers
  • Top Markets and Sectors
  • Gross margins and Turnover
  • Inventory turns and Debtor aging
It's unique Map feature allows maps of countries and regions to be displayed against a backdrop of business information.
Ad-hoc Reports
TurfView BI recognizes the need to empower business users with the capability of generating ad hoc reports. Users can generate wide range of graphical reports: Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Graphs, Grids, and Tabular Reports, across various dimensions and combinations thereof.
Published Reports
Managers need the latest information about the organization's performance in their respective domains so that they can pinpoint issues and rectify them. To meet this need, TurfView BI allows its users to receive a predefined set of reports at a predefined frequency.


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